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How Not to Lose Your Zest to Stay Active

Wouldn’t it be just remarkable if we could have a mini-personal trainer with us every where we go?    

 Life style preventable diseases now affect 1 in every 2 of us. Accumulation of useless calories has increased the chances of us being pre-diabetics more than ever in the history of human beings.

Wireless pedometers are marvellous gadgets because they provide us with a regular feedback system that encourages us to stay more physically active. They provide us with the accurate metrics which can be used to set specific health and fitness goals so we protect ourselves from accumulating excessive calories and maximizing our chances to be ill.

Even though there have been  several other products in the market which promise to provide you with the exact same metrics, Fitbit’s accuracy in measurements and many positive customers’ reviews are what distinguish it from the competitors.


Fitbit THE ONE™ WIRELESS ACTIVITY & SLEEP TRACKER is a tiny wireless pedometer. The dimensions are: 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches (equivalent to 0.5 cm x 2 cm x 5.6 cm). It is actually so small that it can easily fit into your mini-pocket, bra, or belt. It weighs 0.3 ounces (0.01875 lbs or 8.5 grams) and calculates the following for you:


Tracks your activities: It keeps you updated with the number of steps you take, distance travelled, and climbed stairs. 

Tracks your sleep pattern: When you go to sleep, your pedometer is still busy measuring your best quality of sleep time and the number of times you wake up.

Compares calories taken vs burnt: Fitbit’s online tools allow you to compare your results in burning calories versus taking calories in long term. On their website, there is an option to add the daily calories intake.

Tracks Your Fitness Trends And Goals
: Fitbit’s detailed, real-time stats and reports are great tools for staying motivated in reaching your fitness results. It provides great shortcuts to your own metrics so you could examine your progress in accomplishing your desired results for getting in better shape.

Online Community: Fitbit’s website and free app are great communities in which you can observe how others are reaching their goals. It also gives you an option to invite your friends and share your progress with them.

Free Mobile Apps:  Fitbit has free mobile apps for iPhone and android. You can download the app and track your results that are available on their website from your smart phone as well. Fitbit has no monthly subscription fees and the app can be downloaded for free.


Integration With Popular Health and Fitness Apps: Fitbit also integrates with other apps like: Lose it!, Run Keeper, My Fitness Pal, Endomondo, and Spark People.

Water Proof: It is made of water-resistant material and users feel no hesitance in using it while running or walking in the rain. It is rain, sweat, and splash proof.

Warranty:  All Fitbit products are supported by a 1-year warranty.


Here is the list of all the questions I was asked about Fitbit:


  • Which one of the Fitbit trackers works best?

Fitbit has a wide range of products that allow you to track your health. I have reviewed Aria Smart Scale by Fitbit in another blog post (click here to check it out). 

In the category of activity and sleep trackers; however, Fitbit sells 3 different gadgets:



All features of this product were explained above.


The flex wireless tracker tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and monitors your sleep. Also, 10$ is donated to American Cancer Society for each sale of the pink flex wristband. But the downside is that it has less features in comparison to the force or the one wireless activity tracker. For example the water, splash, or sweat proof feature is not guaranteed to work. 


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.45.36 PM

The Force is the most recent product from Fitbit. It is being launched in November 2013, after their successful “wristband” design idea of the FLEX. In comparison to the one wireless activity tracker, The force wristband offers you the luxury of viewing stats on your wrist with OLED display, including time of day (clock). The Force already comes in the form of a wristband, so you no longer need to spend extra on a sleep wristband or a belt holster.

The Force delivers more detailed tracking information and provides you with the caller ID information when paired with an iPhone 4s or newer (with iOS 7). Fitbit  claims the Force can last up to ten days on a single charge!

Based on my experience with the product and also other customers’ reviews, the best Fitbit tracker, is the FORCE™ WIRElESS ACTIVITY & SLEEP WRISTBAND. I also like THE ONE™ WIRELESS ACTIVITY & SLEEP TRACKER; however, connecting it to the wristband every night before you go sleep might need some getting used to!  😉

Plus, the cool-looking wristband also shows you the time and the burned calories. So, you don’t need to wear a watch, to view the results on their website or app, or to even take it off, like how you do with the one activity and sleep tracker. You get all these extra features by ordering Fitbit, the force, for only $29.95 more (in comparison to the flex and the one which are almost $100).

  • How can Fitbit measure my data by being carried with me ?

Fit bit activity tracker has built-in accelerometer (a 3D motion sensor). It is basically the same kind of electronic chip motion sensor gaming devices like Wii and Kinect have. Using this sensor, the pedometer accurately measures every single move you make during the day.

  • How can I connect it Fitbit (the One) to myself while sleeping?

Slip your Fitbit One into the wristband and it will be securely connected to your body and tracks the quality of your sleep for you. 

Fitbit Force and Flex are wristbands, so they don’t need to be attached.

  • How can I have Fitbit (the one) attached to me during activities?

This little gadget is easily attached onto your pants, pocket, belt or bra, and everything is automatically synced to their website when you’re nearby your computer. If you are afraid to lose it, then Fitbit (the force wristband) is the way to go.

  • Do I have to connect to my computer every time I need to upload my data to the website?

Absolutely not. It automatically and wirelessly (via Bluetooth) updates your info to fitbit.com whenever you get to 15 feet of your computer. No need to use plugs or wires or to sit down and wait until it finishes syncing.

  • How can I benefit more from the sleep tracking option? 

Fitbit also has an option to wake you in the morning with a silent alarm, which won’t bother the person sleeping next to you.

  • How/Where can I order?

Fitbit has a promotion for free shipping to US and even Canada. Click the link below and it will automatically redirect you to the page which offers this temporary promotion.

 =>Free shipping with orders over $50 at Fitbit.com! 

Results Guaranteed!

Fitbit users have reported that since they bought the activity monitor, they have been motivated to walk 43% more and as a result lost almost 13 lbs. Having said that, Fitbit gives you full refund if you don’t find their device useful in the first 45 days.

I have been using the fitbit since the day I bought it and to me it feels like a tiny personal trainer being carried with me anywhere I go. It has tremendously increased the quality of my life.

After using this wireless pedometer for 9 months, I now have a much more clearer understanding of the correlation between my physical activeness, food intake, and even my mental resilience. Thanks to the useful graphs on Fitbit’s website!

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