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How to Keep Track of Your Body-Composition Results Electronically

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Keep Track of Results

Since we have already discussed the significance of being proactive about maintaining our health in a post called Taking Responsibility for You Own Life, it is now time to take some action. Following a good diet program and exercising are great ways of starting to nurture your body, but how sufficient do you think they are? How often have you heard someone saying “I’ve been watching what I eat and I have been doing exercise regularly, but I don’t see the difference in me”?

Isn’t it so disappointing when you strive and don’t see results? Isn’t it the reason why most people quit while trying to achieve an important goal?

Brian Tracy


The solution is simple. It is to measure your progress. Achieving any goal in life requires you to measure your progress and to raise your standards. Since we are on the topic of maintaing our health, measuring progress means measuring what’s poison and what is beneficial for your body. You need to record regular measurements of what’s going on inside your body. Of course, you want to make sure there is a decreasing trend for body fat percentage, and an increasing trend for muscle and water percentage.

Since the changes the occur inside our body are so gradual, we can’t rely on the restricted power of human eye to keep track of them. Plus, it is only a tiny proportion of the changes taking place inside our body which will reflect on the outside. So you might be losing  body fat and growing muscle (or vice versa) without even knowing it!

It cost me a lot of money and a lot of time to finally find out what worked the best and what didn’t. You are about to receive a great method you can use at your own convenience to avoid the disappointment and confusion keeping track of your health causes.

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