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How to Measure the Amount of Poison Inside Your Body in 2 Seconds


9960058543_6a076132e1Those of you who are aquarium owners are certainly familiar with the concept of examining your fish’s living environment. One of the key measurements to determine a healthy living condition for fish is measuring the PH of the water on regular basis. The desired PH range is one of the most important factors that protects the fish from disease or death.

Now the question I like to ask you is:

Have you ever measured the PH of the environment YOU live in? 

Remember, fitness and health are two different areas in your life. There are many unhealthy athletes out there and there also healthy people who don’t look very fit. Living healthy is more crucial because that’s what’s going to ultimately let you live a longer life in which you feel energetic, young, and motivated all the time.

Your body is 2/3 water. That is more than all of your other body compositions. So, how crucial do you think measuring the quality of this 2/3 become? What you are looking for is a neutral (or an alkaline) environment for your cells to live in. Drinking more water, eating more fruit and veggies are some simple healthy habits which create such an environment that immunes your body to harmful diseases.

PH test strip is one of the best tools you can use to keep track of how much acid or poison exists inside your body.They are very inexpensive and can be purchased at local drug stores or Amazon. They are great investments on your health and wellness. Remember…a neutral or an alkaline environment is the key to avoid feeling exhausted, having symptoms of extremely dangerous diseases, gaining more weight, and storing more fat. The whole process can be as easy as putting a sample of you saliva on piece of a test strip!

Curious to look at the whole package of a test strip?

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