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Some HealthScreeningTracker subscribers have emailed me and thanked me for helping them to become more aware of a healthy life style, but then they describe how challenging the process of changing habits became for them at the end. Some were not able to continue taking action and after a while went back to old habits.  I understand starting a new healthy habit can be a long process because our unconscious mind has not yet been fully programmed to do something new. However, if you like to achieve long lasting results, you need to be persistent. Even after you achieve results, it is very important that you maintain your results. So, persistence plays a key role in improving the quality of your health if your are looking for REAL results. Having said that, most people quit while trying to adapt a new habit because they expect themselves to follow it ALL THE TIME! Another reason they quit is because they try to change more than one habit at a time. They feel a lot of pressure they can’t handle, so they  look for a quick way out.  What is the solution to adapting new habits?

1-Try changing one habit at a time.

2-Don’t expect yourself to follow it all the time.


You are about to find out one of the easiest tools you can use to track your progress:

“Lift” is one of the most popular self-help apps which allows you to stay focused on making positive changes in your life. It also keeps track of your progress and creates a graph of your improvement over time. Below, you can see all the categories of new habits you can choose from and on the right you can take a look at the list of my habits. 

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I know I said it is the best to focus on one habit at the time. My current new habit is ‘going to the gym’. What is yours? 😉

How to use “Lift”? 

ALL you have to do is pressing one single huge button with the check mark () and the app tracks your progress on a graph and also shows it on your calendar.

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 “Lift” allows you to contribute in a great community and stay in touch with people who are working towards achieving the same goal as you are. You have the option of supporting them and/or receiving encouragement from them. Lift is a free coach in your pocket that helps you manifest the changes you desire. Use Lift to track your progress at your own convenience.


Click the link below to download from Apple’s app store NOW!