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This is the story about the two, very influential people in my life and how they have become the real reasons behind everything I do today, including why I believe it is important to share valuable information with others about how they can take responsibility for their health.

These two people met at a time when things were quite different. At a time when men were supposed to work and provide for their families and women were expected to cook and raise children. They got married when my mother was only 16 and my father was 28.

My mother was a high school student when she got married. She has always been so proud for being an honor roll student with a great passion for literature and poetry. Every time she shows me a picture of her high school days, she has huge grin on her face. The photo is a black and white picture of an adorable, happy high school girl with braided hair. 

The glow in her eyes whenever she shows me the photo made me wonder whether my mother had made a sacrifice in her life, like how other women of her generation had…

My mother had to drop out of high school to take care of her first baby, whom she gave birth to when she was only 18. The next two babies came one after another. But my father was the last one she had to look after. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

While I was growing up I remember she would look at the same black and white picture of her happy-self with braided hair, sigh, and then walk away…I realized my mother had given up on her own dreams so she could be a perfect mother. This made me very sad.

One day, she bought an ipad but didn’t even know how to use it. I was more than happy to teach her how she could use her new awesome gadget. I also downloaded some apps on literature and poetry and bookmarked some cool websites she could use to educate herself. I just left them there without telling her. I knew they were impossible to ignore because the new ipad had nothing else stored in it.

A few months later, I went to visit her. Once I opened the door, I was filled with infinite amount of joy, pride, and fulfillment. What I saw was a woman with braided hair who had her glasses on while being immersed into her iPad.

She started writing her own stories and poems. I have to admit, some of them were really impressive. It was a relief to see her like this since our family went through a lot of challenges for many years…

One of the challenges I remember was a time when we are waiting in front of a surgery room. I couldn’t take my eyes of the clock. The first time I understood what time not passing really meant I was only 12 years old. It had already been 4 hours and we were not given any information on the status of my father.

I looked at my mother. She was sitting right in front of me, constantly moving her eyeballs and biting her lips. I instantly knew she was dying to know if her husband was going to live or not!

Finally, after 5 long hours of agony and vulnerability, the cold and emotionless face of the nurse who was approaching us from the surgery room was frightening us. She said to my mother: “Mam .. Your husband’s heart surgery went fine, he’ll be moved to the recovery room in an hour or so”. After the nurse left, I could see the tears welling up behind my mother’s eyelids…

You see, I remember this experience so well and detailed because it kept repeating. My family and I went through the same stressful moments several times, but at different hospitals, and for different surgeries. Like gallbladder, thyroid, prostate, and the most recent one being COLON CANCER! Despite my father’s excellent outlook and optimism, I was quite sure that deep down, he suffered tremendously. And this made me really sad!

These two short stories are the real inspiration behind the direction I have been pursuing in my life. For the longest time I was terrified, helpless, and anxious…thinking that I have no control over my own basic needs. Thinking that I am a victim of my bad genes and even a victim of my own limiting beliefs.  I asked myself these questions over and over again:

1)  Why do many people lose their zest to live happily before they die while some wake up with a passion to live another day?

2)  Why do some people think that disease happens to them? Why don’t they think that GOOD HEALTH can happen for them?

These questions produced a profound sense of urgency in me to test new directions before some undefined point in the future of my life. I have made a serious decision to do everything it takes to take control of my physical and mental health and then spread the joy and vitality I found in me.

I have gathered all the answers I have found and shared them in my blog HealthScreeningTracker.com…and You Are Welcome to Join The Family!







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